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Featured Clip
Al Brown portrays Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Pollack in ABC's Commander In Chief and Stan Valchek from HBO's The Wire.
Performance Reels
  • Authority/Leader/Military (1:36)
    Commander In Chief & The Wire
  • Psychotic (1:04)
    Rescue Me & Bush Duty
  • Old Guy (4:19)
    Withholding, The Hustler, Bush Duty, Sunset Bar, Boxcar Symphony Commander In Chief & Rescue Me
  • Businessman (0:29)
    Something the Lord Made
  • Valchek from "The Wire" (4:26)
    Note: When you play the clip, you may be asked to view it on YouTube, as per HBO's copyright policy.
  • Full Performance Reel (5:59) HBO's The Wire, ABC's Commander in Chief, Rescue Me, Withholding, Something the Lord Made, Sunset Bar, Boxcar Symphony, The Hustler, Bush Duty, and an interview by Maryland Public Television about my role as Valchek on The Wire.
  • Interviews (0:25)
    From Maryland Public Television, during the filming of HBO's The Wire.

  • Casting Clips (30 seconds each)
  • Crazy
  • Angry
  • Funny
  • Bossy
  • Serious

  • Voice Over Demo Reels
  • Short Version - 0:57
  • Long Version - 4:04